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Soccerlinks is very happy to help promote your site. You can join the Soccerlinks Hit List which will not only provide a link back to us but will drive even MORE traffic to your site or you can place a standard link

This can be in the form of a simple text link, no matter how small, or if you prefer you can use one of the images below. You are sure to find an image from this selection that suits your site. Please note that we reserve the right not include in our listings any site that is unable or unwilling to provide a link back to us.

Inserting a link onto your site - As always it is better to right click on an image and then save it your own server, linking back to us here at Not only does this decrease the load on our own server but does not slow down the loading of your own pages as your host will not need to contact Soccerlinks to request the image. This is true for all images you put on your pages, not just those from Soccerlinks. Assuming you are reasonably comfortable with html we would prefer you to use this method. Alternatively you can copy the code under your chosen image and paste into your site wherever you want the image to appear.

Interactive Banner / Button - Why not use a Soccerlinks interactive banner or button and allow visitors to search the Soccerlinks database directly from your own site! The banner is made up of two images and you also need to paste the html code into your site, changing the code to wherever you have saved the images. Again, if you choose then simply copy the code under the image and away you go! Visitors to your site are sure to find this a useful addition. If you need help please use the Contact page in the menu above.

                     Thanks for your support!




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INTERACTIVE BANNER - This is a 'live' banner. Put some text in and give it a go!

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