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September 2007

Due to threatened legal action from the English Premier League the Soccerlinks WebMail service, which provided fans with free email addresses for their favourite football clubs has been withdrawn.

The Premier League state that "The service is clearly directed at supporters of the Clubs concerned and seeks to capitalise upon their loyalty...... as such this causes damage to the Premier League and its member clubs"

I find the accusation that I am capitalising upon the loyalty of football fans with this FREE service a little ironic coming from the likes of the Premier League who have been fleecing supporters for years now.

Webmasters are receiving demands for over 18,000 from the Premier League to allow them to publicise fixtures on their websites and unofficial sites are being threatened with prosecution unless they remover fixtures, pictures and logos. It's very clear that the top level of the English game has turned into a Corporate gravy train with matches merely sideshows and is about as far removed from ordinary fans as it's possible to get. I thank the teams of lawyers who scour the internet for 'infringements' and discovered this little piece of cyber-space for reminding me of that fact.

Many apologies to those that have been using the free WebMail service and to those who will now never get the chance to try it.

Yours in sport

Steve Walker

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