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Please note the following for Text Ads
No excessive capitalisation such as "FREE" or "GREAT" Capitalisation of the first letter of each word within your displayed URL is permitted.

Use Correct Spelling
Check that you use correct spelling.Your ad text must also be in logical sentence or phrase form and must contain grammatically correct spacing. The use of symbols, numbers, or letters must adhere to the true meaning of the symbol.

Size Limits
Please keep the following ad text limits in mind when planning your ads. Concise ads are much more effective. Ad titles and Display URL fields are limited to 25 characters each. The description is limited to 75 characters.

Please note...
We reserve the right to suspend any ad that infringes the above guidleines or that is considered unsuitable. By 'unsuitable' we mean likely to cause offence. Your ads will be shown on football related websites but ad content can be of any subject. We may insist that you run a CPM campaign if your ad does not encourage click thrus. We may change these conditions or ad costs at any time without notice.
By creating an AdServer account you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions and any alterations that may be made to them. In the event of a dispute we will always attempt to reach an amicable solution however the decision of the Soccerlinks site admin is final.

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