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These are the most common question received by the AdServer. This section will be added to over time but if your question is not answered here then please get in touch via the Help Desk link in the top menu bar of the main site

How do I create an Ad?
1. Log into your Adserver account and click on 'Create Ad'. You will see all the 'zones' with the cost per click shown.
2. Create an ad in whichever zones you want either graphic or text.
Graphic sizes are industry standard so you need to have your own banner or button of the correct size. You can upload them to the AdServer either from your hard drive or from the web and you just need to add the click thru address, which is where people are sent when the banner is clicked on.
Text ads are created by the AdServer after you fill out the following fields:
Title (25 characters max) appears in bold at the top of your ad
Description (75 characters max) appears in the main body of your ad
URL is the address of the page visitors are sent to when the ad is clicked
Display URL (25 characters max) is how you want your link to appear

So now that you have your ad set up just the way you want it you are are going to want it to be shown on Soccerlinks I would think! Click the 'Account' tab which allows you to top up your credit with any major credit or debit card through PayPal. Once you make the payment your ad is immediately activated.
We'll send you email reminders when your credit is running low or expired. If your advertising plans change and you no longer wish to use the AdServer you'll need to get in touch via the Help Desk and we'll delete your account to stop them.

How much does it cost
Your Adserver account only has funds deducted when your ad is clicked on. You only pay for results. The click thru rates are shown against each ad zone and are typically around £ 0.15 which is well below the industry rate for such highly targetted traffic.
Since the AdServer adverts now run exclusively on the Soccerlinks site I can guarantee that click fraud is zero. You can be sure that if you pay for 1,000 genuine highly targetted click thrus then that is EXACTLY what you will be getting.

I don't have a banner, can you make one for me
Sorry, I don't have the time or resources to make banners as there are plenty of resources out there in internet-land! In any case you don't NEED a banner.. select the Text Ads zone and create an ad right here on the site instantly!

Do you provide tracking?
Yes, you can log in at any time to check how your ads are performing. You can also change them, pause them, delete them or add new ads at any time you like.

My question isn't answered
Please get in touch via the Help Desk link in the top menu bar of the main site

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